A message from phil

Dear Friends,


On April 15, I will begin a part-time, second job.  The University of the Ozarks was awarded a significant grant from the Lily Endowment to support rural ministry.  This grant, administered over 5 years, will serve pastors and congregations in the Presbytery of Arkansas as they seek to thrive in their contexts.  I will be the director for this program.  I did not seek the job, but when I was approached I felt a strong sense of call to do what I can to encourage and support other PC(USA) congregations.  If you are interested, I will be glad to tell you more about this position.


So, what does this mean for my role at First Presbyterian Church?  Beginning April 15, I will move from full-time to three-quarter time.  Some parts of my job will remain unchanged.  I will still be preaching the same number of sermons annually, teaching Sunday School regularly, providing pastoral care and helping to craft our vision as a church.  I will, however, step back from some of my administrative duties.  I will not be in the office on Thursdays.  I will also miss an additional 6 Sundays per year as I join congregations in the presbytery as they worship.  My salary will be adjusted accordingly with these new hours at our next congregational meeting. 


I am very excited to begin this new chapter in my ministry and grateful for the opportunity that has been afforded me.  Please know that I remain passionate about my ministry at First Presbyterian Church and, certainly, my commitment to our work together is as strong as ever.  I believe strongly in the future of this congregation and I am enthusiastic about our work in service of Jesus.  I am excited to see where Christ is leading me in this stage of ministry and I look forward to sharing this new chapter with you.  If you have questions please ask, and I will be glad to tell you more.